1 ◦ Payment: At the time of booking we require full payment online by credit / debit card / PayPal in order to secure your booking. There may be fees included with external payment agents.

2 ◦ Prices & Price Changes: At the time of booking, the price you are quoted is the price you will pay with all taxes included. If you have a previous quote and have not proceeded to the payment stage then prices are subject to change (for example if a promotion has run out, availability has changed, or prices have been increased etc). Clients in the same vehicle may be paying different prices due to their booking conditions.

3 ◦ All services advertised are shared with other passengers. For a private service please get in touch.

4 ◦ Cancellations/Refunds: Clients can cancel their booking by email or phone. Cancellations must be made by the client more than 14 days before the time of travel (after this time refunds cannot be issued). If a client cancels a booking (outside of the 14-day cancellation policy), The Pirate Bus will refund 90% of the amount paid minus any additional bank, administrative and rescheduling charges which are at The Pirate Bus’s absolute discretion. The client will receive an email confirming the cancellation. The Pirate Bus will provide clients with all relevant documentation to aid an insurance claim (please see Section 23 regarding insurance).

4.1 ◦ Bookings are non-transferable. If a client would like to move the date of their booking(s) to a later date, please cancel your booking and re-book. Please be aware of our Cancellations Policy (above).

5 ◦ Instant Online Booking: Bookings can be made directly online with instant confirmation (depending on our availability)  by completing our booking form up to 12 hours before your intended travel time.

Once payment is made, you will receive a confirmation email including​

  • A Summary of your booking details (for you to check again that these dates are all correct)

  • A Receipt/Invoice (attached to the email)

The party leader must print out this confirmation email or save on a ipad/tablet and bring it as their party’s ticket to ride.

It is your responsibility to ensure you have received a confirmation email from The Pirate Bus after payment has been made. IF YOU DO NOT RECEIVE A CONFIRMATION EMAIL YOU ARE NOT BOOKED IN SO YOU MUST CONTACT US STRAIGHT AWAY.

5.1 ◦ Bookings by contacting us directly (or when prompted to do so by the online booking form). We will complete a booking form for you, take payment & send through an email with a summary of your booking details on it (for you to check & confirm).

6 ◦ Details needed: At the time of booking you must send The Pirate Bus the exact details in UK local time as per below:

  • Party leader name to confirm T&C's

  • Number of people in your party

  • A valid Party leader email address

  • A valid Party leader mobile phone number

  • Your exact travel dates

  • Your flight arrival number/departure airport or your flight departure number from Newquay Airport

  • Any additional details – child booster/baby seats, luggage & other special needs

Without all of these details, it may not be possible to honour your booking(s) and you may be subjected to charges or refused carriage.

6.1 ◦ Flight Details: We run a scheduled service so please double check your arrival / departure times to ensure you have sufficient time to check in / collect luggage. Also make sure that these are in UK local time. The Pirate Bus is not responsible for your mistakes.

Please ensure that your flight arrival time is not your flight departure time from your origin airport.

7 ◦ Parent/Minders Responsibilities: Adults who are in charge of passengers under the age of 18 are responsible for their conduct whilst in The Pirate Bus vehicles and are held responsible for any damage caused. There is a minimum damage fee of £100. It is the legal responsibility of Parents/supervising adults to ensure passengers aged under the age of 18 use the correct seat, booster cushion or seat belt.

7.1 ◦ Children and Baby/booster Seats: The Pirate Bus provides booster cushions and child seats upon request only. These are limited and operate on a first come, first served basis. It is up to the parents or guardians of the child/children to inform The Pirate Bus, at the time of booking, the number of booster or baby seats required onboard. Each passenger must wear their own seat belt and it is the responsibility of the parent or guardian to ensure that the baby or booster seat is fitted correctly and that their child/children are strapped in properly.

According to UK law: Minibus or coach drivers and companies don’t have to provide child car seats. You must provide your own if you want to make sure a child has one. Children must normally use a child car seat until they are 12 years old or 135 centimetres tall, whichever comes first. Children over 12 or more than 135cm tall must wear a seat belt. You can choose a child car seat based on your child’s height or weight. Height-based seats are known as ‘i-Size’ seats. They must be rear-facing until your child is over 15 months old. Your child can use a forward-facing child car seat when they’re over 15 months old. For more information please see:

Aboard Minibuses: All children must travel in rear seats (any seats behind the driver) if a child car seat or an adult seat belt isn’t fitted.

Children aged 3 or older must:

  • use a child car seat if there’s one available in a minibus

  • use an adult seat belt if child car seats are not fitted or are unsuitable

It is the responsibility of the parent/carer to check the seat to make sure it’s suitable for the height of your child. Only EU-approved height-based child car seats can be used in the UK. These have a label showing a capital ‘E’ in a circle and ‘R129’.

8 ◦ Accuracy of all booking details: The accuracy of details given to The Pirate Bus are the responsibility of the party leader. Once the details have been submitted they cannot be changed and are automatically sent to our scheduling system. If dates, times and other details have been entered with errors, charges could be incurred up to the full amount of a new booking. If you notice that an error has been made let us know with as much notice as possible and these charges may be reduced or quashed. If your contact details are also entered incorrectly, meaning we cannot contact you, it is possible that your booking will not be honoured and you will not be refunded. We accept no responsibility for the incorrect use of the booking form.

 9 ◦ Confirmation/Ticket: The party leader must bring with them their confirmation email (on which there is a booking summary & useful information) as their groups’ ticket to ride. If this cannot be shown to the driver, you will not be permitted to board. It is the party leaders’ responsibility to provide the full names of everyone travelling in their party on this ticket and show it to their driver.

10 ◦ Travel details, Contact/Communication: The client making the booking online, by email or by phone, accepts and is subject to The Pirate Bus’s terms and conditions and will be deemed the party leader. The party leader also accepts terms and conditions on behalf of each party member.

11 ◦ Contact/Communication between Client and The Pirate Bus: The Mobile Phone number that clients provide must:

  • Be the same phone to be used during travel

  • Include the correct country code and be able to be used while in the UK.

12 ◦ Change of Details: Party leader needs to inform The Pirate Bus of any change of details ASAP. These changes need to be confirmed by The Pirate Bus to ensure availability/document change and may be subject to a minimum admin fee of £15. New times, dates, numbers of people onboard, may be chargeable at a new booking rate. If your change of details cannot be met from our end then refunds or the booking(s) may not be possible.

13 ◦ Personal Details:  Your safety and privacy is very important to us. In line with GDPR (2018), we have undertaken every reasonable care to keep data safe. We will not purposely disclose any sensitive data to other parties without permission. Should any breaches of data security be identified by The Pirate Bus, we will inform our clients as soon as is possible.

14 ◦ Flight Delays: Due to the scheduled service and our adherence to drivers’ hours regulations, we apologise but The Pirate Bus is unable to wait for Flight delays. Delays can be stressful for all parties, so communication is key between the party leader and The Pirate Bus. We operate on a case by case basis and aim to ease the situation where feasible. We understand that flight delays are difficult for all involved and we ask you to remember that it is not The Pirate Bus that has delayed the flight! If The Pirate Bus is able put on another service to accommodate the delay, then the client will be charged at the full rate. Any extra costs caused by the delay is the responsibility of the party leader.

15 ◦ Flight Cancellations: If your flight is cancelled it is the party leaders’ responsibility to contact The Pirate Bus immediately and we will do our utmost to reschedule the booking where possible. Any rescheduling by The Pirate Bus may have to be charged at the full price for a new booking. The Pirate Bus will of course provide clients with all necessary documentation for an insurance claim (Please see our holiday insurance section 22). Please remember that flight cancellations are a headache for all concerned and that it is not The Pirate Bus cancelling the flight.

16 ◦ Delays &missed flights: Delays can occur for several reasons that are out of The Pirate Bus’s control for example severe weather conditions, natural disasters, heavy traffic, road accidents, equipment failure, road diversions, other customers actions, civil unrest, acts of terrorism, mutiny, war (this list is not exhaustive). Compensation will not be issued for services that result in clients missing their flight when the circumstances are out of The Pirate Bus’s control. Please ensure you have suitable travel insurance.

17 ◦ If The Pirate Bus is unable to honour the booking due to circumstances within their control alternative transport will be arranged - where possible - to their ticketed destination, and compensation will be strictly limited to this alternative travel arrangement.

18 ◦ Shared bookings; Flights: The nature of shared bookings means that clients may (or may not) be sharing a booking vehicle with other clients arriving or departing on a flight which is scheduled to arrive or depart on or around the same time as theirs.

18.1 ◦ Shared bookings; Numbers: The Pirate Bus uses a 12-seater minibus.

19 ◦ Departure / Arrival Time: These are set. Please consult the timetable. The journey is scheduled to take 65 minutes minimum, not exceeding speed limits. This can change at different times of the day/year due to peak traffic flow.

20 ◦ Departure timings, extra info: We base our departure timings from Penzance and Newquay to meet the major flight departures and arrivals. 

21 ◦ Luggage: The Pirate Bus does not charge for carrying luggage. Clients are restricted to one

piece of luggage and one piece of hand luggage. Clients bringing unusual or oversized luggage must inform The Pirate Bus at the time of booking as these may be not be permitted. Clients bringing

excess luggage may have to put some luggage on their laps or under their feet. Clients must be reasonable with the amount and size of their luggage as other clients on their booking will also have luggage. Each client is responsible for his or her own luggage during loading, transport and unloading. The Pirate Bus cannot be held responsible for any lost, damaged or left luggage. If you leave any luggage or items in our vehicles it is the responsibility of the client to either retrieve it from The Pirate Bus or pay the postage for it to be returned.


21.1 ◦ Luggage: Bikes: These are not permitted aboard The Pirate Bus. Please arrange a private transfer by calling 01736 438196, starting at £75 per vehicle 1 way.

22 ◦ Slow or Lost Luggage: We cannot wait for the lost luggage to arrive. We deal with slow or lost luggage on a case by case basis as per our rules with flight delays. Please remember that these situations are a headache for all concerned and that it is not The Pirate Bus losing the luggage.

23 ◦ Insurance: The Pirate Bus clients are only insured when inside The Pirate Bus vehicle. The Pirate Bus clients getting into or out of The Pirate Bus vehicle are not insured and particular care must be taken when doing so especially when exiting the vehicle (for example there may be slippery or uneven ground or other things to trip or fall on/from, and traffic). Whilst every care is taken, customers’ property is carried entirely at their own risk and The Pirate Bus will not take responsibility for loss or damage.

23.1 ◦ Holiday Insurance: The Pirate Bus recommends that all clients have relevant holiday insurance. In the event of any delayed bookings (such as road closures, traffic, unsafe driving conditions etc) resulting in missed flights and other costly events, The Pirate Bus will not be held responsible. However, The Pirate Bus will provide clients with relevant documentation to aid an insurance claim.

23.2 ◦ Boards/kite gear/golf clubs/ miscellaneous luggage: Clients travelling must have insurance for their sports equipment that covers their transportation. The Pirate Bus vehicle insurance does not cover luggage or sports equipment. We do not carry boards over 6’6 in length (198cm). We do not carry bikes. We do not carry windsurfing or stand up paddle boarding equipment. The Pirate Bus must be notified on booking should you wish to bring any sporting equipment with you. We reserve the right to refuse carriage of any item. It is the sole responsibility of the client to arrange alternative transport methods and pay costs incurred.

24 ◦ Subcontracting: Very occasionally The Pirate Bus may have to sub-contract business to other local and trusted transport operators. This may be for a number of reasons including; delays, cancellations, lost luggage, our goal to reduce our environmental impact, to help keep costs down for our customers, our availability and factors out of our control etc. We only subcontract to companies who are also fully licensed and insured. If The Pirate Bus does not have availability and we cannot sub-contract your booking, you will be refunded in full.

25 ◦ Client Conduct: The Party leader acts an agent for all members of the party and accepts The Pirate Bus’s terms and conditions on behalf of each member of the group.

25.1 ◦ Alcohol: The Pirate Bus clients are not permitted under any circumstances to take alcoholic drinks onboard for the purpose of consuming them therein.

25.2 ◦ Smoking and illegal substances: Smoking and illegal substances are not permitted on board any of The Pirate Bus vehicles.

25.3 ◦ Respect: The Pirate Bus clients are expected to behave respectfully towards staff and each other. The Pirate Bus and their drivers reserve the right to refuse to transport clients who are seen to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs and/or are deemed to be a nuisance/ threatening/ aggressive and/or abusive. Please also be mindful that as well as your driver, you may be sharing the minibus with other people so please keep your conversations respectful and clean.

25.4 ◦ Driver concentration: Clients must also be mindful that their driver has a very responsible job so must be left to concentrate on driving safely. Please also keep conversations to a minimum to ensure your driver can give their full attention to the road and conditions.

25.5 ◦ Care outside vehicle: Please also take care outside the vehicle especially if your driver has to move and manoeuvre the vehicle. If you can see that, or know that, or are warned that the vehicle will be moving, please move yourself out of the way and watch while the vehicle manoeuvres safely.

26 ◦ Damage: Any internal or external damage caused by clients to The Pirate Bus vehicles, its’ equipment or property therein will be charged a minimum cost of £100 (GB pounds) to cover repair/ replacement/ valeting as appropriate. Sick bags are provided.

27 ◦ Travel Sickness: Cornish roads can have many bends and, with travel sickness, prevention is far cleaner than the cure. We highly recommend that parents/minders make the relevant anti travel sickness preparations for passengers under the age of 18. For example, no food or drink intake onboard (especially fizzy, sugary drinks or food etc) take anti-sickness pills, wear anti-sickness bands etc, ensure that young passengers look out of the windows and avoid reading or playing on any type of handset. Please feel free to ask your driver to open the window for some fresh air and to pull over if necessary (usually we have a tight schedule to adhere to so this may not be possible). Parents and minders (and travel sickness sufferers) are in control of their own travel sickness and must clean up all mess thoroughly. There is a minimum clean up fee of £100 (GP pound).

28 ◦ Conditions of Carriage: UK law and The Pirate Bus’s insurance requires seat belts to be worn by all passengers. Failure to adhere may mean the clients booking will be cancelled with immediate effect. It is the client's responsibility to ensure they are wearing a seat belt at all times and clients are only insured whilst strapped in. Any supervising adults must ensure any passengers under the age of 18 are wearing seatbelts and are strapped in correctly.

29 ◦ Applicable law: As a British company, any disputes between The Pirate Bus and a third party comes under British jurisdiction and will be governed by British law. If the issue cannot be solved amicably, then the matter will be transferred to a British court.


The Pirate Bus ™ Official Information

● Office: Trewelloe Road, Praa Sands. 01736 438196

We're sorry, This service no longer operates between Penzance and Newauy Airport in any direction.